The international export standard, ISPM-15, requires that all wood packaging
material be heat-treated at a core temperature of 133 degrees Fahrenheit for a
minimum of 30 minutes. This process is done to eliminate the presence of pests
found in wood, particularly the Asian Long-Horned Beetle.  Once these pests arrive
and start multiplying, they can wreak havoc on a countries agricultural system.

The International Standards for Phytosanitary Measures, publication 15. (ISPM-15)
was adopted in 2002 by the International Plant Protection Convention (IPPC) as part
of the United Nations Food and Agriculture Organization. The intent of this treaty is
to establish standards and guidelines for regulating wood packaging materials around
the world.
ISPM - 15  /  Heat-Treated Pallets
Neal's Pallet Company
Heat-treated pallets purchased from us will come with the below stamp, clearly
identifiable, on each pallet.  An additional written certification can be supplied upon
request, if required.

(The xx - 000 and yy are variables depending on the country the pallets are treated in.)